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The Bradenton Twirling Academy, Inc (BTA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and has been under the direction of Karen Wolfe since 1999.  Our fundamental purpose is to teach the sport of baton twirling to school aged children and young women.  Baton twirling is the main extra-curricular activity for many of our girls.  At BTA, they receive a positive, encouraging, message that reinforces self-respect, commitment, and good sportsmanship.  We operate with one full-time employee and numerous parent and student volunteers.  Many community members and businesses have given a great deal so that these young women can have the best chances at their dreams.  Without our volunteers and sponsors, none of this would be possible.  Thank You!



The Bradenton Twirling Academy proudly participates in competitions and events sanctioned by the Drum Majorettes of America.


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Our Programs


BTA offers a number of group and individual classes.  During the school year, we offer classes after school at our studio.  Twirlers showing a high level of commitment to practice may be invited to join one of our competition teams.  Competition teams travel throughout the state during the year competing in Drum Majorettes of America (DMA) competitions.  Once the school year is over, we offer group and private lessons at our studio.  Private lessons are also available by invitation or request for twirlers who compete individually. 


BTA participates in many local, state, and national events.  Some of our competition teams and many of our competition twirlers travel in July to compete in DMA National Finals.  We also travel to DMA's summer camp, and Mini-National competition.  The twirlers compete for trophies, medals, and scoresheet comments.  Competition builds character, and we always encourage and reinforce good sportsmanship in all levels of competition.  


Because we are nonprofit, we try to keep our fees as low as possible.  Maintaining the level of service needed for these national athletes and helping them travel to events is very costly.  During the school year we hold several fundraisers to help offset these costs without putting a strain on our families.  Other events we hold or participate in are our Christmas show, the Manatee County Children’s parade, and our Annual Recital. 


The Academy has proudly produced State, Regional, and National Champions.


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Our Director and Head Coach



Education Background
Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Education
1998 University of Central Florida
Magna Cum Laude


Twirling Background
Started twirling in 1982
Trained under world champion Cheryl Wimberley from age 14
Mini-National Jr. Miss Majorette of the Year 1991
2-Time National Twirling Champion
4-Time Miss Majorette of Florida
Senior Majorette Queen of America 1996
University of Central Florida Majorette 1994-1998


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